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BPC PowerForms Video Tutorials

1. BPC PowerForms Activation & Initial Configuration

This video depicts the initial activation of BPC PowerForms for a SharePoint 2010 Custom List, followed by a walkthrough of some initial customization tasks.

2. BPC PowerForms Advanced Form Designer

This video is a first look at the advanced form designer making SharePoint form design as simple as drag & drop.

3. BPC PowerForms Lookups & Rich Controls

A look at the filtered and cascaded lookup functionality of PowerForms, followed by some rich control examples like the slider.

4. BPC PowerForms Calculated Fields and Control Visibility

A short tutorial on calculated fields and control visibility formulas ns for BPC PowerForms

5. BPC PowerForms Tabs Localization helppage and printing features

A quick look at Tabs, Localizations and the PowerForms help and printing features