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BPC PowerForms (Silverlight) Features

Feature SharePoint 2007 SharePoint 2010

BPC PowerForms Silverlight

Fully Integrated into SharePoint
Different form per content type
Multiple forms per list based on data conditions    
Field visibility based on conditions    
Tab and Section support in forms    
Multi column form interface    
WYSIWYG advanced form designer    
Fully configurable control placement    
Fully configurable control colors, alignments, sizes    
Cascading / Hierarchical / Filtered Combo boxes    
Master—Detail views   partial
Master—Detail Forms    
Display data from other SharePoint lists    
On the fly calculated fields    
Access and display data from external web services    
Customized web calls before and after form actions    
Custom assemblies for business logic    
Fully functional datasheet views regardless of customization    
Drag-n-Drop functionality for list attachements    
Rich Client UI without post backs     partial
SDK for developing custom controls
SQL Queries
Form printing functionality with xslt support    
Out-Of-The-Box Controls SharePoint 2007 SharePoint 2010 BPC PowerForms Silverlight
Textbox & Numeric Textbox
UpDown Numeric Textbox    
Hyperlink Textbox    
AutoComplete Textbox    
Radio Button
Date Picker
Combo box (with Fill-in Choice support)
Filtered Combo box    
Lookup Picker & Multi-Value Lookup Picker
Lookup Picker with search    
Tree-View Lookup Picker    
People & Multi-People Picker
Simple People Dropdown List    
List Data Grid    
Progress Bar    
Rich Text
Form Buttons    
Data Entry Grid    
Web Service Grid    
Document Grid
Document List
Managed Metadata TextBox
Managed Metadata Pickers