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Localization in PowerForms

PowerForms can be localized through the Localization Section in the designer.


A list containing all the texts appearing inside forms either in controls, buttons or messages is displayed and the user can change the required texts. The list supports Unicode so changing the texts to fit your needs should not be a problem. 


For performance and simplicity reasons, the  localization list can be saved separately in a xml file. In order to achieve this, an XML export button is available in the designer toolbar :


 Press the export button and copy the "<Translations>" section of the XML specification (meaning from the "<Translations>" element until the "</Translations>" element) :



Place it in a text file, save as Unicode and upload it in the BPC PowerForms Binaries document library or another accessible Url. Then in the form options section, define the absolute url of the xml localization file and set the form NOT to save localizations.


Using this mechanism you can achieve simpler localization support for multiple forms, as a single xml file can support localization for all the forms in your site collection. Multiple files can be defined to support multiple languages as soon as you set the appropriate url in the "Localizations Url" property of the designer options section.