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Setting multiple forms for the same List/ContentType based on conditions

Sometimes in Sharepoint we have to make different forms with different fields for the same list depending on some field values. This feature is easily implemented with the button Customizations. By default when a form is customized for the first time, the first customization is automatically created with no condition. If the form remains without further customizations, then it will be loaded with the same fields in every record.

If the designer wants to create a different form, that will be loaded under specific conditions, he should copy the Default Customization and create the apropriate condition as shown below.

In this example the first condition (which is blank) is the Default one. After writing the new condition in the Textbox ("{Launched}"="1") and clicking on Copy button, we created a second customization which currently is a copy of the default. Now we select the new customization and click on button Select. The form will open and we can start designing it from the beggining. The new form will now open every time we want to edit or add a new record and our condition is fulfilled.

The condition can be editted from our Form Designer by clicking the second tab Options .

The syntax that shoud be used is "{FieldName}"="Value". We can also use the operators and, or and functions like nn(),nnus etc. for numbers. In the above example we have a boolean field (Yes/No) named Launched and we want to alter the form checking if this field is checked or not.

The result of this condition is shown below. 

Form with Unchecked

Form after Checking field