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How to use the Designer

It is very simple to change the position of the controls on any form. Click on Design Form and the view of the forms will change.Now you can view all the forms controls, drag any of them and drop it in a new cell. When you drop the control in an occupied cell, it automatically generates a new row and drifts the other rows down. 


At the top of the form you have the options to Save the design, Add a new tab, Add a new section to the selected tab, Exit without saving, and Hide or Delete the selected controls (they can be multiple controls).

 You can edit one specific control by clicking the button  that is on the right corner of the control.

The control properties window will appear and all the properties of the control can be edited from here.


On the right corner of every control you will also find a set of arrow buttons that can be used to increase or decrease the columns or rows that the control is occupying.

On the right of the form designer the toolbox appears. It has 3 sections Add Control, Hidden Controls and Unbound Fields.

You can drag a control from any of these sections and drop it in your form.

In the first section  all the possible controls of PowerForms are listed.

In second section the Hidden controls are listed.All the controls that you choose to hide with all their properties are here and can easily reused in the forms in the future. Their values can also be used in other visible controls for validation reasons or in calculated fields.

The last section contains all the fields of the list or library that are not used in the form and remain unbound.In that way you can easily find a new field an d by dragging it in the form you can create automatically a new control for it.