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Migrate Customization : Example

In this article we will follow the required steps to migrate our customizations to another server/site.

We will use the example site which can be created by the Installation Wizard of PowerForms.

Our site if located in the url : http://wssdev1/PowerForms Demo Site

We will save our site as a site template and use that template to create a new site (for our example the site will be created inside the same site collection, but the same methodology can be applied if the site is located elsewhere)

So we create the template including the content.

We then use that template to create a new site.

New URL = http://wssdev1/MyDemo

When opening the Order form from the new site we can see that no customization is available :

So we visit our original site and design the same form there :

We switch in the designer and press the "Migrate Customization" button.

We check the "Export List/View Names instead of IDs" and press OK. Then copy the xml and open our MigrationTool application.

We paste the XML and press "Process: to let the application identify existing lists.

Then we fill in the target site url and press "Migrate". If not errors occur, the List IDs will be identified and then the user can press "Export" to retrieve the final XML which we can import in our final list.

NOTE : If any list ids or site urls exist inside the customization except lookup and list queries, the users will have to replace them manually.