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The RichTextBox control

A Rich Textbox control is generally used for displaying, entering and manipulating text with formatting. The RichTextBox control does everything a textbox control does, but it can also display fonts, colors, links, margins, load text and images from a file. Although it adds more complexity when compared to a regular textbox, it provides much needed features.

The RichTextBox control can be used with any Sharepoint text field, but it order to unlock all its features you have to bind it to a textbox defined with multiple lines of text. It automatically recognizes the type of text allowed with the rich textbox field and enables or disables the features available for use, as shown below:

Multiple line of Text columns with Plain Text mode selected, the RichTextBox control renders as a simple TextBox with no additional options to format text.


For Rich text mode, the control renders with the appropriate toolbar options available :

For Enhanced rich text columns, the control displays all the available toolbar options.


Value Tab

Any of the available options can be used.

Lookup Details

The RichTextBox does not support lookup data loading.

Extra Configuration


Values : TextChange, LostFocus, None

Indicates that the control will raise the value change event in the form only when loses focus. If not set, the control will raise the event in every text change.