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The Slider control


The Slider is a control that is not available in sharepoint. It can be used instead of a numeric textbox, or it can be connected with a numeric textbox as a different representation of the number.  

In order to connect the slider with a numeric control, slider Control should be declared as Calculated.

The calculation formula should be {Control_Name} where Control_Name is the name of the numeric control that passes the value. In our example {Percentage}.

The slider control can store its data in a single line column or a numeric column.

The properties that can be used are:

Property : min
Numeric, indicates the minimum value for the progress bar

Property : max
Numeric, indicates the maximum value for the progress bar

Property : smallchange

Property : largechange

Property : decimals
Numeric, set the number of decimals for the value, default is 0.

The properties should be declared in the Extra Configuration field of the control