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The ProgressBar control

The Progress Bar is a control that is not available in sharepoint by default. It can be used instead of a numeric textbox, in order to show a different view of the value. The value can also be shown as a percentage (%)


To connect the progress bar with a numeric control, the Progress bar should be declared as Calculated.

The calculation formula should be FieldValue("Control_Name") where Control_Name is the name of the numeric control that passes the value. In our example FieldValue("c_Percentage").

When the field in the calculation formula is numeric it is safer to declare it in Us locale so that it has the same locale with Sharepoint, and all the possible calculations will be completed in the same format
eg. nnus(FieldValue("c_Percentage")).


The Progress bar control has the following properties:

Property : MinimumValue
Numeric, indicates the minimum value for the progress bar

Property : MaximumValue
Numeric, indicates the maximum value for the progress bar

Property : Decimals
Numeric, set the number of decimals for the value, default is 0.

Property : TextMode
Values :

None - It will show nothing on the progress bar

Percentage  - It will show percentage on the progress bar after calculating it with min and max values

Value : Shows the actual value of the control 

You can set the properties by using the control's Extra Configuration field.