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The DataEntryGrid control

It is a datagrid with which a user can enter, edit or delete information stored.

Records can be edited in a dynamically generated form :




The grid's fields and columns can be declared using the designer's Extra Configuration field.

DataEntryGrid properties:

Property : Name
Value Type : String
Name the new field.

Property : Type
Values: Textbox, DatePicker, Combobox, Checkbox, Existing
Choose how to represent the field when entering new data. Default: Textbox.

Property : Header
Value Type: String
Name the column header appearing on the grid displaying the data.

Property : Width
Value Type : String
Define a gird column's width used to display data.

Property : Values
Value Type : String
Pre-define static values to appear on some controls. For example, static values to be used as selections on the combo-box part. (ComboItem1; ComboItem2; ComboItem3)

Property : ExistingControlName
Value Type : String
With control type set as 'Existing', you can set the name of an existing control on the form (should normally be created as a hidden control and used solely for this purpose).

Example :



Note : Data created using the Extra Configuration wizard is saved in XML format. Regular users should avoid editing the code manually. 

Creating a new DataEntryGrid field
In order to create a new field, select the ‘Fields’ folder and press the plus (+)  button.


A new Field appears with the default value in each property.


Our goal is to create a column in the DataEntryGrid as Type Existing, using a hidden control called Resource. The Resource control, called ‘c_Recource’,  is a combobox type control, which contains information from a list called Resources (the Title of each row). In Order to do so, we enter the following value in its respective property:

Name :      Resource
Type:         Existing
Required:  False
Header:     Resource
Width:       200
Values:      (blank)
ExistingControlName:  c_Recource

Saving our changes and pressing ‘New Record’ on the DataEntryGrid control opens a pop-up window with the newly created control on top.