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The ListDataGrid control

The ListDataGrid control is useful to display data coming from other lists. Configuring the control only requires to define a list query.

For example assume we have 2 custom lists : Customers and Orders.

The requirement is display Customer Orders inside each Customer form. So we must define a query that will retrieve Orders using criteria from the existing customer record.

In the runtime designer of the Customer form, we add a new ListQuery.


We define the query parameters :

Url : The orders list url

List : The orders list

Criteria : We must lookup orders using the ID of the current customer record.


Ignore Blank Criteria : we shoudl uncheck this option since it indicates if the filter will be applied when the ID control has no value. This would retrieve all records from the orders list every time we create a new Customer record.

Attributes : We select the columns we want to display in our data grid. Note that for lookup columns we can use the {name:ColumnInternalName} or {value:ColumnInternalName} in order to display the ID or the Name part of the lookup value.

Headers : We define the headers for data grid columns.

Now we can add the ListDataGrid on the form.


Define the required height and in the advanced properties of the control, select the list we defined in our previous step.