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The ActionButton control

In order to apply custom actions through user input, the ActionButton control can be used.

The ActionButton control acts as a normal button, and can be configured to execute multiple actions.

It can be rendered as a normal Silverlight Button, as a Hyperlink, as a Label or as an ImageButton.

Here are some examples:


The ActionButton supports the following action types :


Sets a value to a control. ControlName and Value parameters must be specified.


Only the value parameter is required. Any valid javascript typed in the Value property will be executed by the ActionButton control.


Only the value parameter is required. Any IronPython script should be typed in the value property.

Extra Parameter Configuration




Set Value Action

Type : SetValue

ControlName : c_Title

Value : New Record

JavascriptCommand action

Type : JavascriptCommand

ControlName :

Value :

window.open('http://www.bpc-components.com','','width=600, height=400, resizable=yes, scrollbars=yes')

Script Action

Type : Script

ControlName :

Value :


template.GetControl("c_Title").SetValue("New Record")