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The PeoplePicker, MultiPeoplePicker, PeopleComboBox controls

The PeoplePicker and the MultiPeoplePicker controls are used to retrieve and select user or group entities from SharePoint or the Active Directory Listing. Depending on applied settings, these controls can retrieve data from SharePoint Groups or perform ActiveDirectory queries (the same way that SharePoint loads users and groups).


Value Tab

Any of the available options can be used.

Lookup Details

People Only

The property indicates that only users (not Groups) will be included in the retrieved lookup records.

Specific Groups

Users can select one or more SharePoint groups to restrict results loading users only from the specified groups. This options is available only when the "People Only" property is selected.

Preload Data

Used to load records automatically when opening the search popup dialog.

Extra Configuration

Options for MultiPeoplePicker

Options for PeoplePicker

PeopleCombo does not have any Extra Configuration  Properties



Values: True, False (Default)

When set to True, the control searches Active Directory users in the same manner as SharePoint does. The control requires the user to provide a search filter, by entering a value, before performing the actual search. If set to False, the control retrieves users and groups from those defined in SharePoint.

The following extra configuration properties belong only to MultiLookupPicker.


Values: A single character (Default is  ‘ ,’  (the comma symbol without the delimiters)), or  ‘\n’ without the delimiters, to place each item in a separate line.

Acts as the delimiter between a selection of multiple items. If left blank, the items are separated by a comma. '\n' places each item in a separate line.


Values: A single character or '\counter’ to add an increasing number.

Define a text character that will be placed in front of each item acting as a prefix; i.e.'•'. Use the '\counter' command to add a counter (i.e. 1., 2., 3., 4.),


Values: None, Center, Top, Bottom.

Sets the vertical alignment of the Browse / Search button. The use of this property doesn’t become apparent, until someone selects multiple values while using the ‘\n’ Delimiter option.