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The MultiChoiceCheckBox control

The MultiChoiceCheckBoxes control allows the user to select a single option from a group of choices. This control is a Lookup control meaning that it can either contain static values or load its values from another list.


Value Tab

Any of the available options can be used.

Lookup Details

If the control is bound to a choice column, then the Static Values property is automatically filled with the underlying values from the column. The property is read-only as every change in the column values will be automatically reflected in the control values.

If the control is bound to a lookup column, then the list info should be filled in.

The Site Url, List (and/or View) properties should be defined.

The normal behavior of lookup columns is to display the Title and save the ID of the selected record.

For that reason, 2 properties can be defined in the Lookup Details tab: Display Field & Value Field.

These properties should be automatically filled when first registering PowerForms for an existing list/content type.

In order to add criteria for the list query that will provide control data, use the criteria options.

Details on how to setup criteria can be found in the following links:

List Query Criteria

Complex List Query Examples

Extra Configuration



Values : Integer

Splits the CheckBoxes into different columns. The property ignores the value 0 (zero) and translates it into 1 column regardless.


Values: True (Default), False

Defines if the results will be sorted by the Display Field


If the internal name of a column is supplied, the retrieved results will be filtered allowing unique values for that specific field