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The LookupPicker control

The LookupPicker can be used to display and select lookup data and is very similar to the simple ComboBox control but has some signifincant advantages :

  • No Data Loading is performed during form initialization providing faster form loading
  • Allows data filtering during run-time (including fields other than the Display field)
  • Multiple columns can be displayed from the source list


Multiple Search Fields and Display Fields inside the Lookup Picker Query List.

Lookup Details

 If the control is bound to a choice column, then the Static Values property is automatically filled with the underlying values from the column. The property is readonly as every change in the column values will be automatically reflected in the control values.

If the control is bound to a lookup column, then the list info should be filled in.

The Site Url, List (and/or View) properties should be defined.

The normal behaviour of lookup columns is to display the Title and save the ID of the selected record.

For that reason, 2 properties can be defined in the Lookup Details tab : Display Field & Value Field.

These properties should be automatically filled when first registering PowerForms for an existing list/content type.

In order to add criteria for the list query that will provide control data, use the criteria options.

 Details on how to setup criteria can be found in the following links :

List Query Criteria

Complex List Query Examples

Extra configuration tab



Available Properties


Sets the vertical alignment of the browse/search button



Defines if the user is allowed to search the list without providing text-search criteria



Defines if the results will be sorted by the Display Field



If selected, the control loads the display field of the record provided if not included in the value (can be used in external lists)



Set this property to TRUE to force the control to send only the Value Member value of the underlying lookup value when saving its value. Normally lookup controls that load data from other lists, use the ID;#TITLE format to save data



If selected, searches the provided text in any part of the taregt column value. If not, returns the records that begin with the provided text.



If the internal name of a column is supplied, the retrieved results will be filtered allowing unique values for that specific field



This property defines if the control will display a search textbox when it receives focus, allowing users to type criteria and activate search by pressing the enter key



Define the fields that you want to search with. It the property is blank, then the display member will be used. The Name, Header, Operator (Equals, BeginsWith etc) and QueryType (Text, Lookup, etc) can be defined for each field.



Define the fields that will be retrieved and displayed in the results list. It the property is blank, only the display member will be retrieved. The Name, Header and ColumnWidth can be defined for each field. You should use fixed width for the first column is multiple columns are displayed to achieve best results.