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The Hyperlink TextBox

The Hyperlink TextBox targets SharePoint columns that store hyperlinks or picture urls.

In contains 2 textboxes. One for the actual URL and one for its description (the same way it appears in the default SharePoint forms). If no description is provided by users, the url is used for the description part.

A button is available for users to test the link provided.

The control comes with alot of extra parameters to customize its appearance and functionality.


This property shows or hides the description part of the control to simplify control appearance.



This property enables a Browse button next to the hyperlink textbox that enables users to browse through the documents in any document library.

Pressing the button opens a popup dialog that can browse any document library accessible to the user, event in different Sharepoint Sites.


Using the popup dialog, you can provide the site url, select the required list and browse within the library folders and documents to find the required entries.

The popup dialog has a name-search filter and an option to search files within folders.

The control also comes with options to customize the control to only accept files from specific sites or document libraries.



If this option is selected, the control will store the absolute url of the selected document. If not, a relative url will be returned.


Enables or disables the option that allows users to search within folders using the name-search filter.


Enables or disables the URL textbox of the dialog.


Enables or disables the Library combobox


Sets the target URL. This property can be static or calculated. For example a value like the following can be used:


http://{c_Server}/Shared Documents


Sets the target Document Library Name. This property can be static or calculated. For example a value like the following can be used: