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The DocumentList control

The DocumentList control is used to load and manage documents of a Sharepoint Document Library.

The control can also update document attributes at the same time it uploads a document, thus providing an easy way to "relate" documents to the underlying record.

There are cases where the list item attachments is not an adequate solution since they cannot support versioning and they do not exist on their own (out of the scope of the parent list item).

For these cases, the DocumentList control can be used. It will load documents according to a ListQuery and apply document attributes when uploading new documents automatically.

Value Tab

The documents displayed in the control can only be provided using a List Query that reads all the available documents contained in a document library. The ListQuery should be already defined in the ListQuery section of the runtime designer and should be performed over a Document Library. The column selection defined in the ListQuery is not important as the control adds all the required columns in the ListQuery during run-time.

An example of a said List Query is provided below:


To define the control’s values, we choose the following:



Lookup Details

The DocumentList does not provide any Lookup options since it cannot contain lookup data. As mentioned above, the values displayed in the control are provided using a List Query.

Extra Configuration



Values: Text

Define the folder where the new attachments should be uploaded.


Add Name/Value pairs to update document properties when uploading a new file. Values can be either static or calculated. The Name is the column internal name and the Value is the default value of the column. Set either static values or calculated values based on form controls (i.e. {value:Field1})