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Control Display Options

In order to change control appearance, the Layout tab of the control properties window contains the basic settings available in PowerForms.

Size, Color, Alignment, Font Size can be modified here :



Normally, the width and height is set to zero which allows the system to automatically adjust a control's size and occupy the maximum space available.


You can change the size of a control by setting the desired height and/or width of the control in the relevant boxes. For example, we set Width to 50    and select OK.

Our control's width changes accordingly: 


Likewise, we can set the Height to 80    and select OK.

Our control's height changes:




By default, the horizontal and vertical alignment is set to Stretch and Center respectively. Setting a width or height value makes the designer ignore the Stretch alignment and interprets it as Center.

Changing Horizontal alignment to Left:      

Changing Horizontal alignment to Right:   

Changing Horizontal alignment to Center:

Changing Vertical alignment to Top:           

Changing Vertical alignment to Bottom:      

Changing Vertical alignment to Center:       



Control Coloring

Fore Color (default Black), Back Color (default Transparent), Cell Color (default Transparent), Font Size (default No Value), Font Bold (default Unchecked), Font Italic (default unchecked): 

Fore Color set to Blue(#0070C0) :    

Back Color set to Red(#C00000):     

Cell Color set to Orange(#F79646):   

Font Size set to 30:                        

Font Bold checked:                         

Italics checked: