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BPC PowerForms for SharePoint : Silverlight edition

Taking SharePoint Forms to the next level!

BPC PowerForms is a unique product that enables organizations using Microsoft SharePoint 2007 or 2010 to build advanced custom forms for document libraries and SharePoint lists. It is a complete framework based on Silverlight expanding SharePoint form functionality while at the same time making form design easier and codeless. PowerForms is available in 2 editions, Standard and Advanced.

See a comparison table between SharePoint native forms and PowerForms here.





Rich Control Set

  •   Fully integrated into SharePoint
  •   Advanced Drag & Drop WYSIWYG Designer
  •   Multiple forms per list based on conditions
  •   On the fly Calculated Fields
  •   Tab & Section support for forms
  •   Multi column form interface
  •   Field Visibility based on conditions
  •   Web Service Calls
  •   Master - Detail Views
  •   Form printing
  •   Fully localizable



  •   Tree-View Lookup Picker
  •   Lookup Picker with search
  •   Slider Control
  •   Cascading & Filtered Combo Boxes
  •   Progress Bar
  •   List & WebService Datagrids
  •   Form Buttons
  •   Hyperlink Textbox
  •   AutoComplete Textbox
  •   UpDown Numeric Textbox
  •   Document Grid / List

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  •  Support for External Lists/External Content Types
  •  Dynamic SharePoint List Queries
  •  Web Service Calls
  •  Web ( Post / Get) Calls
  •  Customized web calls before and after form actions
  •  SQL Queries support
  •  SDK for developing custom controls
  •  Custom business logic through .Net assemblies.
  •  XSLT support for custom form printouts
  •  IronPython scripting support

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