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Support Options

We want our customers to succeed with BPC PowerForms and so we are committed to providing premium level support. Feel free to contact us for any issues, even during your trial period, and we will do our best to help. You can even contact us for product ideas or requests, some of our best features were customer suggestions. If required your issues will be directly promoted to the Product Team. 


You can also get consulting and development premium services directly from our product team at competitive prices if it is ever required.


With BPC PowerForms you will not be facing SharePoint form development alone!


Knowledge Base

Visit our Knowledge Base to gain insight on how to use some of PowerForms more advanced features in articles that contain step by step detailed information.


The forums  is the best place to share information, get support and suggestions as well as propose new features for PowerForms.


We periodically update our Blog with tutorials, guides and interesting information about BPC Products including PowerForms.

Mail Support

If you have an active Software Assurance and Basic Support pack please contact us at support@bpc-components.com mentioning your issues and your activation code.