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BPC PowerForms Release Notes

v2.84.0.0 (2019.08.31)

- Installer Support for SP2019
- DataLoader.CopyListItemWithAttachmentsToAnotherFarmSite target folder support
- Fixed _suffix property behavior to DocumentGrid uploader
- Fixed ShowGroups property to DataGrid control
- Checkbox column in DataEntryGrid now always display checked/unchecked indication
- Fixed list query DateTime filter issue (SearchSpecs ignoring time portion bug)
- form.SetDocumentApproval change to support list items also (apart from document libraries)
- capability of disabling SQL queries with elevated permission, and delete SQL scripts through PWF_DisableElevatedSQL and PWF_DisableDeleteSQL web.config keys respectively


- form.SetDocumentApproval(url, listIdOrName, listItemID, approveOrReject, comments, callback) method
- form.CheckinItem(url, listIdOrName, listItemID, checkinType, comments, callback) method
- form.CheckoutItem(url, listIdOrName, listItemID, callback) method
- fixed issue with saving item within folder when DataEntryGrid exists in a form
- added malicious code prevention (script tag) in DataEntryGrid

v2.74.1.1 (2017.03.17)

- Document Grid Control fixes (browse button behavior in View Mode, Alignment issue when HideGrid = true)
- Document Grid Control DisableMultipleFileUploader property
- UploadInDocumentLibrary server side logs added

v2.70.0.1 (2016.11.17)

- remove unbound fields from json serialization for saving customization space in large lists
- fix lookup picker search for Static Objects (when using SetObjectDataSource method)

- form.CreateFile method
- form.SetAttachmentTabHeader
- SetMinimumValue, SetMaximumValue in NumericTextbox control
- HideGrid property in DocumentGrid
- OpenDocsUsingDirectURL property in DocumentGrid

v2.68.0.0 (2016.06.05)

- SharePoint 2016 support
- Added and Fixed field BackColor property for all grid controls
- Added CommandTimeout support to SQL Query XML configuration

v2.62.0.0 (2015.07.07)

- DataEntryGrid: fixed disable behavior on XML mode
- Added ScrollToSelection method on grids
- ListAndForm: maintain selection after save
- ListAndForm: fixed behavior for external lists
- added pf.PopupBrowserWindowWithContent method

- Fixed ColumnHistoryViewer control cutting last character bug
- RichTextBox SetBackColor method
- Chart Control ShowLoadingIndicator property
- Fixed pf.GetNameFromLookup, pf.GetValueFromLookup methods behavior on empty strings
- Fixed EditForm.aspx when affected lookup parameter is passed with no opener

- fixed a bug in DataEntryGrid value changes for non-existing controls
- Installer: Added SkipWebPart and SkipWebPartUpload startup arguments
- Fixed SetAttachmentTabHeader bug (used to apply text to MenuButton controls also)

- Added custom properties in terms (GetTermsByTermSet) web method
- Added form.LoadUser method
- Fixed margins in Lookup Picker buttons

- fixed bug: maxJSONLength problem for large customizations

- added file size info in LoadRecordAttachments
- fixed form.SendEmailToUser and form.SendEmailToGroup methods
- fixed Licensing warning width to prevent scrollbar

- Added RequestValue server side evaluation method for use in the conditional customizations
- fixed an issue to the Attachment sizes in GetRecordAttachments web method

- fixed an issue in SendEmailToUser method

v2.57.0.0 (2015.04.09)

- form.SendEmailToUser method
- form.SendEmailToGroup method
- fixed RTL styling issue with NumberTextBox
- AllowColumnReordering method for grid control

v2.42 (2014.10.06)

Changes per internal build: 

- SetObjectDataSource function for lookup controls
- MaxRows property in ListQueries
- GetTab method
- FormatString support for numbers in grids
- Fix for space between sections in FlatMode
- ValueChanging event for FormConrol (can cancel event)
- form added methods : SetDisplayMode, ToggleDisplayMode, Log, OpenUrl
- SetAttachmentGridHeight method in form object
- LookupLoaded event for FormControl
- GetLookupItems method for Checkboxes and Radiobuttons
- New DocumentUploaded event for DocumentGrid
- Added LoadCompleted event to DataEntryGrid control
- Added NoEdit mode to DataEntryGrid columns
- FIX for SetDataSource method of DataGrid.
- PeoplePicker localized fields
- Fix for SaveCompleted script in FormOptions in designer
- Added excel export to grids
- Added FormDesignLoaded script to be executed before form creation
- MinChars property for LookupPicker and MultiLookupPicker
- ItemCreated event for MultiLookupPickers
- FIX: web service call charset and encoding issues
- DataGrid, fix not to raise SelectionChanged script when clicking on a url on the selected row
- SetGridHeight, GetGridHeight methods for DataGrid
- OpenForm method that accepts a DOM object instead of a url
- AfterListQueryLoad event in form (available through scripting)
- Dixed AddEmptyItem edit behavior when not allowing updates on DataEntryGrid
- added RefreshGrid() function to DataEntryGrid
- Fix for SetDataSource and SetObjectDataSource for Pickers
- Dixed ListAndForm repeated forms issue
- Fix for SortAscending in List Query Designer
- Fix PF List Queryies Editor fix for Sorting
- New events for form : SectionExpanded, SectionCollapsed. Additional property for section "Collapsed" to keep its running value
- Added cell template js formula property to DataEntryGrid fields
- Fix for form.DataItem not being up to date inside the SaveCompleted event 
- New method form.SelectedTabIndex()
- Added internal property GroupFooterTemplate to DataEntryGrid fields
- Added Number displayformat to DataEntryGrid
- Added formatstring property to DataEntryGrid fields
- Fixed formatstring for numeric values in DataGrid, DataEntryGrid
- Fixed ValueChanged behavior on ColumnHistoryViewer control
- PF handling for IN search specs
- Fixed kendo model in DataEntryGrid for proper grouping aggregations
- Fixed HAlign for datagrid
- PF Joined search specs 1st draft (no designer changes)
- Fixed problem with DataEntryGrid model that prevented saving
- Added ColumnFilter property to DataEntryGrid and DataGrid fields
- FIX for form.DataItem error when saving with DataEntryGrid
- FIX for DataEntryGrid (exclude "fields" from saving)
- New version of Kendo controls (v2013.1.514)
- Added a NumberTextbox control for numeric values in DataEntryGrid
- New kendo internal build 2013.1.703
- Fix for popup
- Fix for numeric textbox in other cultures except en-US
- Added version no to pf.objects
- Fixed context menu problem due to jquery upgrade
- Added GetFieldByName on DataGrid, DataEntryGrid (existed only on objects)
- Added kendo images and styles for the latest internal build
- Fixed issue with the pop up loader (blue shadow)
- Fixed center issue in UserMessageForm
- Fixed pop up center behavior on LookupPickers
- Added DataGrid.SelectRowByIndex
- Changed behavior in LoadPeopleAndGroups (for people pickers) / duplicate names issue on claims based authentication
- HideInnerTab, ShowInnerTab, SelectInnerTab, SelectedInnerTabIndex, DisableInnerTab, EnableInnerTab, SetInnerTabHeader
- Busy indicator for scheduler control
- Fixed missing SaveCompleted callback when attachments are uploaded
- Load SQLQuery in DataEntryGrid
- GetChanges in DataEntryGrid Control
- RecordListQueries in DataEntryGrid
- Added horizontal align (halign) property to DataEntryGrid Fields
- SetCookie GetCookie Methods
- form.CloseMessageForm
- Fixed bug in OOB printing 
- Fixed bug in GetDataCommands (affects DataEntryGrid form.DataItem)
- Fixed button widths problem for Lookup Pickers as existing controls in grids
- fixed sp2013 issue for LoadUserProfile function
- fixed sp2013 issue for open Designer button
- fixed crash that ScrollValues property (MultiLookupPicker) causes to IE7
- fixed issue in IN queries for Lookup fields
- FIX: for DatePickers, invalid dates clear the value and the textbox
- NEW: AddRecordAttachment method in services (beta)
- FIX: OpenForm method, needed to hide window first so position is calculated correctly
- Fixed IgnoreBlank behavior in joined specs
- Web Service PWFUsers.asmx Methods added:GetUsersOfGroup,GetGroupsOfSite, AddUserToGroup, DeleteUserFromGroup
- DataLoader,Objects :LoadUsersInGroup, LoadGroupsInSite, AddUserInGroup, DeleteUserFromGroup
- Added SetBackColor functions for Combobox, NumberTextBox, DatePicker
- New pf.RemoveByIndex, pf.RemoveFromArray methods.
- installer: added new site collection deployment option (for avoiding app pool recycles)
- added AddNewRow method to DataEntryGrid control
- added CellEnteringEditScript to DataEntryGrid control (for canceling edit)
- Server-Side Localizations loading
- Fix for property SuspendChangeEvent of FormControl not keeping the latest value
- Fix for AutoComplete for Lookup Picker
- AutoComplete property for LookupPicker
- ListQueriesPerPage for DataGrid
- Joined Fields
- fixed bug in CellEnteringEditScript
- installer fixed screen widths
- Removed RunWithElevatedPrivileges from LoadExternalLocalizations
- Fixed excel xml special chars on export
- MessageBoxOK method in form template object
fixed multi lookup picker button widths/styles (prevent new line in IE8/9)
- RunListQueries: all parameter that runs queries for pending items
- FIx for DataGrid reloading its data when setting page=0
- Fix in GetVersionModifiedBy (server-side) to remove the trailing comma appearing in the "Editor" name
- navigatable property configurable in DataEntryGrid (UseKeyNavigation)
- added debug messages for external localizaztions
- RunListQueries Callback. Example ic.RunListQueries(all, function() {});
- hide popup close and maximize buttons from Saving Record message
- fixed AutoHideToolbar behavior for RichTextBox control (IE, Chrome, FF)
- added MaxCountForInOperator (and pf.MaxCountForInOperator client-side) in SearchSpecs (determines every X parameters that a In CAML query is broken into ORs)
- Support for server side automatic joins in List Queries
- IgnoreValueDependency, IgnoreLookupDependency properties in FormControl
- Single customization for multiple content types support
- New DataEntryGrid control properties:
- Added customizable 'New' Indicator icon capability (just like sharepoint does in views) to DataGrid and DocumentGrid controls
- Added ColumnFiltering and FormatString properties on DocumentGrid
- pf.AddDaysToDate and pf.AddDaysToDateString functions
- fix for styling in DataEntryGrid delete button image
- fix date (and datetime) pickers issue on custom formats
- form.SetAttachmentTabHeader function
- Move, Remove commands in FormControl
- fix for multilookuppicker/multi people picker
- fix for multiple content types when loading designer (add fields from all content types)
- MultiPeoplePicker fix for more than one AD users (userid=-1)
- LookupLoading event for FormControl
- Fix for Decimals in ProgressBar control
- Fix for MaxCountForInOperator in Search Spec
- fixed bug in ParseQueryString (affects unicode default values)
- fixed issue in json length of Excel Exporting
- added ExistingControlCreatedScript event on DataEntryGrid control
- fixed column filtering issue on grid with DisplayValue format
- added TimeInterval property in DateTimePicker control
- fixed date time pickers formatting issue
- added RefreshGrid and SelectRowByIndex in DataGrid (and DataEntryGrid)
- fixed ListAndForm auto-select first behavior (row not highlighted)
- fixed LookupPicker search as you type behavior for non-List query sources
- fixed AddDaysToDate bug
- added MaintainTabSelection property to form 
- auto focus search box on lookup picker controls
- escape key closing lookup picker popup
- fix for multi lookup picker buttons to fit correctly into DataEntryGrid
- ESC key behavior fix in lookup picker popups
- added SAML claim handling for LoadPeopleAndGroups
- added position argument for AddToolbarButton function
- fix duplication issue with ListAndForm control
- fix for radio buttons width property
- added ParseDateFormats property to date pickers
- added ShowNowButton property to DateTimePicker control
- added ParseDateFormats property to date pickers
- added ShowNowButton property to DateTimePicker control
- added AllowFreeTextEntry property to PeoplePicker control (for claims cases where no search can be performed)
- added Log on file option and Hide Window options to unattended installer mode
- fixed security validation error on some 2010 environments with external list
- DocumentUploading Event
- fixed RichTextBox height behavior in ViewMode
- fixed Delete issue with external lists
- installer: fixed issue with demo site in language pack versions
- fixed GetLookupItems bug in checkboxes and readionbuttons 
- added grouping (GroupByField) and VerticalItemOrientation properties to Checkboxes control
- Fix for AutoComplete lookup picker not handling TAB key up event
- Fix DataEntryGrid ValueChange event on AddNewRow, AddEmptyItem
- Fix for LookupPicker/Auto Complete feature not clearing its value when user writes in the textbox
- Added TermsForTagging property ("Only Terms Available for Tagging" designer option) in lookup controls for Metadata records
- form.GetTabHeader function
- Property for control: TermsForTagging
- CopyFile method in form
- Recycle() instead of Delete() in DeleteRecord
- form.GetTabHeader function
- Property for control: TermsForTagging
- CopyFile method in form
- fixed height behavior (scrollbar option) for Checkboxes control
- Fix for AutoComplete feature of lookup picker not firing when clicking an item after scrolling down by pressing the scrollbar. 
- Fixed all undisposed objects (SPWeb, SPSite) that could cause memory leaks server-side
- pf.CloneObjectSimpleProperties method
- Fixed circular reference issue in DataEntryGrid Export to Excel function
- Fixed issue in form.OpenUrl method (ignoring x and y)
- added Cancel capability to RecordListQueries in DataGrid, DataEntryGrid
- DeleteAttachment method
- DeleteRecords method
- fixed ContentType issue (sometimes happens in WSS/MOSS 2007)  in UpdateRecord, InsertRecord methods
- form.SetTranslation method
- fixed BuildHyperLinks behavior for DataGrid (center popup form issue)
- LookupPicker: BeginsWithResultsFirst new property to bring first the results that begin with the provided text
- fixed TextChanged mode behavior for multiline textbox
- fixed combobox behavior on lost focus
- fixed ImageCheckBox focus losing issue for DataEntryGrid (checkbox column)
- fixed DataLoadedScript and LoadCompletedScrit behavior in DataEntryGrid XML mode


v2.0 (2012.03.06) Major Release

New Features

  • Advanced layout setup within form tabs (multiple rows and columns as section placeholders)
  • Lazy Loading option for tabs that greatly improves initial loading times for complex forms
  • You can now control the Tab transition animation via the Tab Animation property in the Form Designer (FadeIn, None)
  • Customizations can now be saved for multiple urls, by allowing the user to add the alternate mapping urls in the Customization list property
  • Enter key search functionality was added to all lookup pickers
  • You can now control the Loading progress indicator via a new ShowProgressForm property: Always, Never, InitialLoading, LazyLoading
  • New MenuButton Control
  • New AutoCompleteTextBox Control
  • Hyperlinks now supported in Datagrids
  • Fill-in choices now supported for Checkboxes
  • New Show/Hide SpinButtons property in NumberTextBox
  • New TabChanged event
  • New form.SetSectionHeader, form.SetTabHeader methods
  • {url} keyword can be used in the designer to indicate the local web url (lookups, list-queries, web-services)
  • form.Url() method returns the current list URL. Can be used in script and formulas
  • New AddTooltip method for FormControl
  • New GetItemByID, UpdateCell methods in DataGrid
  • New form.LoadCurrentUser method
  • New AutoSizeViewMode property in TextArea
  • A new installation method that only deploys prerequisites and not the BPC PowerForms solution and features was added


 Bug Fixes

  • Fix for crashing designer in control properties when CalcFormula was null
  • Typos in toolbox properties
  • Fix for multi-value controls that do not set their value if the have lookup-dependencies because they do not have a LoadLookupData method.
  • Fix for EnterKey in textboxes in IE
  • Fixed LoadCompleted problem for unbound fields (clears value given in the event)
  • pf.Replace method fix
  • Fix for DocumentGrid that enabled the DeleteButton
  • Fixed DataEntryGrid selection changed event and delete/edit permission checks
  • Fix for lookuppicker search fields. when no header are provided, the name property is used
  • Fix for ContentType name handling server-side (for localized installations)
  • Removed default sorting from combobox in DataEntryGrid
  • Fix for value in TextArea
  • Fixed waiting indication (disable button) for people pickers


v.1.2 (2012.12.19) Major Release


New Features

  • Added a Password Mode to the TextBox control.
  • Added actions for Hyperlinks.
  • Added Progress Indicator for data loading inside grids.
  • Added FormatString support for grid cell.
  • Added ShowToolbar functionality.
  • Added FontNames property to RichTextBox control.
  • Added New RotatedText and Chart control (BETA)
  • Added ShowSelectAll link in MultiLookupPicker control.
  • Changed the ProgressBar color to gradient.
  • Changed the Busy Indicator for all controls.
  • New Progress Indicator during form loading.
  • Changed the default value of the ActiveDirectorySearch property for PeoplePickers to TRUE, to match the default SharePoint behavior.
  • LookupPickers now can apply parameters directly to SQL queries using the search box.
  • Added DataLoadedScript for ListAndForm control.
  • Added a Progress Indicator to the ColumnHistoryViewer, CheckBoxes and RadioButtons controls.
  • Added PopupWidth/PopupHeight property for pickers.


  • New ParentListName method for script for the form object returning the parent list if called from a ListAndForm control.
  • Added a SelectTab, EnableTab, DisableTab methods for the form object.
  • Added SetCellColor function for scripting.
  • Added a new Attachments() method and AttachmentsLoaded event for the form object.
  • Added SetDataSource method for DataGrid for scripting.
  • Added SetSectionCellSpacing, SetSectionCellPadding methods for scripting.
  • Added ItemCreated event for RadioButtons.
  • Added a BusyChanged event for the controls (provided parameter = true/false).
  • Added a DataLoader.LoadRecordHistory method in the form object to load versions of a list item.
  • Changed ValueChange mode event for TextBox.
  • Changed EnterRaisesValueChange event for TextBox.


  • New Property for the 2010 web part (IFRAME=Auto/Yes/No).
  • Added formControl property for grid printing to include XML values. Fixed printing for grids.
  • XSLT printing transformation with elevated permissions to avoid double hop problems.
  • The _ID querystring parameter isen used to identify current record. If blank then the ID is used. Helps when adding the PowerForms web part in custom pages where the ID parameter is reserved.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed search in Managed Metadata (LCID problem).
  • Fixed a bug in combobox/radio buttons/dropdown list/checkboxes when loading managed metadata Value.
  • Fixed an issue with ContentTypeId not applied to new items in some cases.
  • Fixed a web part problem when loading in IFrame mode on Site Managed URLs (for example /PWA/SubSite/ ).
  • Fixed Taxonomy controls not setting correctly the HiddenFieldName when in the default customization.
  • Fixed a people picker when adding new users from AD.
  • Fixed installer for problematic site collections.
  • Fixed ContentTypes bug in CustomizationLoader (multiple content types problem).
  • Fixed an issue with querystring paramters not passed correctly to the webpart when in iframe.
  • Fixed an issue with the designer url produced when the corresponding list name had not-latin characters
  • Fixed versioned dates (utc to local) for the ColumnHistoryViewer control.
  • Fixed ColumnHistoryViewer issue for localized sites.
  • Fixed TextArea issue being disabled when in ViewMode. Now the control renders as a simple scrollable div.
  • Fixed TaxonomyKeyword messing up the XML and calling wrong service when the TermSetid was an empty guid.


v.1.1.1 (2012.10.12) Initial Release