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BPC Image Rotator Web Part

Present your images in an attractive way

The BPC Image Rotator for SharePoint displays images from a picture library and then rotates between them.It is a silverlight based web part with an atractive transition effect between images. Several web part options allow you to select the display time for each image the transition time for the effect and if the image title or a Progress bar will be displayed.

Now also available as a SharePoint App Part, for SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 (SharePoint Online). 




 It is completely free so don't hesitate to use it to make your SharePoint installations more interesting! 



For SharePoint 2013 App Deployments, have a look at this Microsoft TechNet article

To find the App Part, search for 'BPC Image Rotator', undel the 'look and feel' category in the SharePoint (Office365) store.

If you need the .app file for local store deployment send us a request via email