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BPC Easy Timesheets licensing is straight forward. A license is required for each SharePoint farm where BPC Easy Timesheets is going to be deployed. A resource CAL license is required for each user/resource using BPC Easy Timesheets for time reporting or Timesheet monitoring.

The initial farm license price includes user/resource CALS (see below), as well as one year of Basic (email based) Support and Software Assurance (free upgrades to all minor and major versions released during the year). Additional years of Software Assurance and Basic Support can be bought after the bundled year ends. Software Assurance renewals are always active from the end of the last validity period independently of the actual renewal date.

Every organization that purchases BPC Easy Timesheets has the right to get free development (or QA) farm licenses for up to two farms. These are fully functioning licenses limited to five (5) resources. No additional Software Assurance is necessary for development licenses, they are covered as long as the production licenses’ Software Assurance is active.

The Standard license includes 25 user CALS. The Enterprise license includes unlimited user CALS.