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BPC Easy Timesheets for SharePoint

Fast and easy time tracking using rich web parts for data entry & reporting

Version 2.0 now Available ! What's New


BPC Easy Timesheets for SharePoint is a solution for easily managing timesheet submission and monitoring on SharePoint. If you dont need the complexity of full blown project/time management system, then BPC Easy Timesheets is the solution! 

BPC Easy Timesheets helps you save time on planning, processing, tracking and completing your projects at a fraction of the cost of other solutions achieving full ROI in weeks!

  •   Easily allows you to keep track of your projects and resources.
  •   Recreates your organization setup, using departments, roles.
  •   Allows you to optimally plan staff allocation.
  •   Different type of administrative time monitoring like sick days, vacations etc.
  •   Export information to Excel / CSV format for reviewing and reporting




Rich Web Parts


  •    Easy time tracking for unlimited number
    of projects                
  •    Baseline Effort and Cost cupport
  •    Project and Task Assignments
  •    Cost Rates per Resource and/or Project Assignment
  •    Timesheet Manager and Project Manager roles
  •    Administrative Project Types
  •    Project Groups
  •    Cost Groups and Categories
  •    Reporting Charts
  •    Visibility rules according to user roles
  •    Cost Reports
  •    Schedule visualization
  •    Excel Export
  •    My Timesheet
  •   Resource Timesheet Overview for
           Team Leaders
  •    Project Summary
  •    Resource Summary
  •    Project Overview (Effort + Cost)
  •    Project Assignments
  •    Edit Project and Tasks

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