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Nintex workflow action forms, that use sharepoint content types, can be easily replaced with PowerForms. This replacement brings the functionality of PowerForms to the workflow forms. In the following example we will show how to do that, step by step. The article splits into two sections, the first one is explaining how to replace the Nintex form with PowerForms, and the second one is explaining the required operations in PowerForms.

1. Replace Nintext form with PowerForms 

  • Assuming that your task list is “Workflow Taks”, on SharePoint Designer under the path "All Files -> Lists -> Workflow Tasks" find the Content Type that you have used for your form in Nintex. ex. "Approval Workflow Content Type"


  • After the click on our Content Type name, open the ContentTypeName.aspx page ex. Approval Workflow Content Type.aspx

  • Delete the Nintex form, to do that you must select the table row that contains the form and delete it.

  • In the place of deleted row insert new web part by clicking on "Insert -> Web Part ->BPC Power Forms Web Part"

  • Now you have to fill the name of the binding list for the web part you inserted. To do that, right click on the web part, select "Web Part Properties", in the section "Binding Details" in field "List Name" insert the name of your Workflow Tasks list for example "Workflow Tasks"

  • Click Ok and save the .aspx page.


2. PowerForms Design 

In PowerForms designer you will add three buttons (Complete, Cancel, Open Regarding Record)

  • Complete Button

    a. Select from toolbar the ActionButton and drag it to your form

    b. Go to the properties of this button

    c. Go to the Extra Tab, Select Actions and press the Add Action button

    d. In the Type property Select Script

    e. To the value field insert the following script


    f. Click OK
  • Cancel Button

    a. To Insert Cancel button you have to do the same steps as in Complete button, with one exception, in the Script value you will insert the following script:

  • Open Related Record Button (Opens the sharepoint form with the details of the list item that initiated the workflow)

    a.  To Insert Open Record button you have to do the same steps as in Complete button, with one exception, in the Script value you will insert the following script:  

    id = template.GetControl("c_WorkflowItemId").GetValue()
       script = "window.open('http://
    server/siteName/Lists/Requests/DispForm.aspx?ID="+ id +"&IsDlg=1&_PopUp=1','','width=670, height=650, scrollbars=yes')"


NOTE! If you have checked the "publish task form" in Request Data action, every time you publish the Nintex workflow, the created PowerForms page will be replaced with original page (no PowerForms), so you can keep a backup (copy) of newly created .aspx page in SharePoint designer, and every time after the publish restore the backed up .aspx page. Otherwise you will need to repeat the steps from section one of this article.

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