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From time to time, I think it would be nice to share some information about PowerForms development as well as thoughts on the future of the product itself.

At this moment we are working on 2 different axis:

  1. Better integration with SharePoint
  2. Feature requests

As for the integration part, we are spending significant effort to achieve smooth integration with SharePoint lists which have heavily customized (or completely custom) data entry forms. The final goal is to give users complete freedom on how to integrate, customize or restore PowerForms on their lists. At the moment, the PowerForms web part is being injected inside the data-entry pages defined for SharePoint lists. This gives the advantage of minimum impact on the installation itself. We are considering creating separate data entry forms for each sharepoint list/content type and enjoy the freedom it provides. As soon as we are confident that we have the best solution in our hands, we will release the new integration mechanism.

"Features" is one of our favorite subjects.

We know it is almost impossible to satisfy any request with a single tool. But we try to follow up any request that we receive.

At the moment, the following things are in progress and some of those will be probably released soon.

  • Conditional Visibility for controls (based on expression evaluation)
  • Conditional Enabled/Disabled property for controls (based on expression evaluation)
  • Conditional Tab visibility
  • Data persistence for values of hidden controls
  • Nintex Workflow integration
  • Add/Delete control feature inside the Run-Time designer
  • ContentType selection restrictions
  • and many more that the team is working on.

We hope the we will have a new release by mid April 2011.

So stay tuned...

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