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Accessing external lists using PowerForms is now available (v.2.4). In the following example we will Define 2 external content types Register PowerForms to design forms Create a lookup control on the foreign key column We will keep the example as simple as possible here. We will create 2 tables inside a SQL Server database : Customers and Countries where the Customers table will ha... [More]
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Scripting has always been a powerful tool to perform customizations and extend the capabilities of any application. In the next release of BPC PowerForms for SharePoint (coming June 2011), scripting with IronPython will be integrated. For the time being, the following events may be handled through scripting : Control Value Change Form Validation Form Load Completed   In this ar... [More]
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From time to time, I think it would be nice to share some information about PowerForms development as well as thoughts on the future of the product itself. At this moment we are working on 2 different axis: Better integration with SharePoint Feature requests As for the integration part, we are spending significant effort to achieve smooth integration with SharePoint lists which have&n... [More]