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Introduction to using BPC PowerForms Part I: Installation and first looks In this series of walkthroughs, I’ll demonstrate the simplicity of using BPC PowerForms to access SharePoint 2007/2010 lists, from the beginner’s point of view. In the next posts, more complex scenarios will unfold and many of the available features will come into play. I’ll demonstrate how one can use Po... [More]
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There's a plethora of knowledge regarding the following issues, but let me reiterate my experiences - being new to SharePoint - with anything 64-bit. I'm working on Windows 7 64-bit and try to use the 64-bit version of any software that provides one. That goes for Internet Explorer 9 and Microsoft Office 2010. While Internet Explorer 32-bit will install side-by-side with its 64-bit version, ... [More]