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Nintex workflow action forms, that use sharepoint content types, can be easily replaced with PowerForms. This replacement brings the functionality of PowerForms to the workflow forms. In the following... [More]
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Accessing external lists using PowerForms is now available (v.2.4). In the following example we will Define 2 external content types Register PowerForms to design forms Create a lookup cont... [More]
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Scripting has always been a powerful tool to perform customizations and extend the capabilities of any application. In the next release of BPC PowerForms for SharePoint (coming June 2011), scripting ... [More]
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So you decided to use the Farm configuration wizard, right after the SharePoint Product Configuration Wizard, to set up your farm.  Let me say this right from the start, this was a bad decision! ... [More]
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This is a brief guide on how to easily achieve integration between a sharepoint workflow and BPC PowerForms, providing a much more advanced and efficient way for the user to input information during a data collection task. In this scenario, Sharepoint Designer 2007 and the out of the box BPC PowerForms web part are used. [More]
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Introduction to using BPC PowerForms Part I: Installation and first looks In this series of walkthroughs, I’ll demonstrate the simplicity of using BPC PowerForms to access SharePoint 2007/2010... [More]
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There's a plethora of knowledge regarding the following issues, but let me reiterate my experiences - being new to SharePoint - with anything 64-bit. I'm working on Windows 7 64-bit and try to use th... [More]
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From time to time, I think it would be nice to share some information about PowerForms development as well as thoughts on the future of the product itself. At this moment we are working on 2 differen... [More]
Tags: , , , , , | Posted by Spyros Moschovakos on 3/11/2011 10:33 PM | Comments (0)
A simple class built in VB .NET that provides functions to easily retrieve data from Sharepoint lists and document libraries using CAML queries. Useful for preventing composing a CAML query from scratch and parsing the XML search results, in cases where the Sharepoint object model is not accessible (i.e. from a remote machine other the sharepoint server itself) [More]
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Did you ever happen to administer, audit, develop or just use a SharePoint farm and face severe performance issues? Issues such as  extreme page load times, failed workflows, timer service compla... [More]