Tags: , , , | Posted by Yannis Sovolakis on 5/23/2011 12:40 AM | Comments (0)
Scripting has always been a powerful tool to perform customizations and extend the capabilities of any application. In the next release of BPC PowerForms for SharePoint (coming June 2011), scripting with IronPython will be integrated. For the time being, the following events may be handled through scripting : Control Value Change Form Validation Form Load Completed   In this ar... [More]
Tags: , , , | Posted by Andreas Vamvatsikos on 5/6/2011 4:11 PM | Comments (0)
So you decided to use the Farm configuration wizard, right after the SharePoint Product Configuration Wizard, to set up your farm.  Let me say this right from the start, this was a bad decision! The wizard should only be used if you are setting up a demo environment. The good think is that if you used the wizard you ended up with a configuration that (seems to) work. To achieve this however ... [More]